Meet Our Staff

Pastor Craig Tufts

Craig is the ‘new’ guy on staff, serving at St. John’s since June 2013. He is also the ‘old’ guy on staff, having previously served congregations in Parksville and Summerland (BC), Sunderland (England), and East Kilbride (Scotland) as a Pastor, and congregations in Houston, TX, and Edmonton, AB as a layperson. Craig is a grateful student of Jesus, appreciative husband of an amazing lady named Donna, and proud father of Ryan, Stephen, and Heather – along with their spouses, and two delightful granddaughters. And, for those who were wondering: Yes, despite a few mishaps, he still loves to ride his bicycle.


Joel Haberstock

Joel has been hanging around St. John’s since 1997, working with youth, families, worship support and programs. Joel hails from Saskatchewan via Outlook, Edmonton, Guatemala, and Thailand. In his spare time, Joel likes to meet people, cycle, play sports, sing, watch the Riders, and take group selfies. Jodie, Caleb, Anica and Rebecca are the 4 people most important in his life, and he is always excited to hear anew God’s love for him and all people. Check out this link, to read about it.  Who Am I

Valerie Zinz

Val began working in the church office in 1991, and has enjoyed being here and doing this ministry. She is married to Larry and they have 2 adult children: Caroline and David (Katelyn) plus 2 wonderful grandsons, whom she delights in spending time with. It amazes her how God works in our lives as she thinks back to when she was a child and all she wanted to do was fold bulletins.