August 14, 2017

Hi everyone, just a quick update on the tournament this past weekend in Golden. There were 10 teams this year split into 2 divisions of 5. So on Saturday we played each team in our division (4 games). We lost our first one to Cloverdale by 1 run. Played Bethel B and won handily. Then we played Riverbend (Edmonton) and got beat by a lot (won’t say how many) but they were eventually the winners of the tournament (very good team). Our 4th game was against our good friends Drumheller who we beat handily. So two and two for round robin. With our record, we were placed in the 2nd division, playing for 5th place. On Sunday, we lost by 1 run to Drumheller in our 1st game and then beat Medicine Hat by 3 in our final game. The combination of wins/losses, and runs for/against saw us winning the B division (5th place overall). So our overall record was 3 wins-3 losses (with 2 of the losses by 1 run)

FYI, this was the 30th year of the tournament and St. John’s Vernon has been attending for the last 27 years straight. Congratulations all around.

We went up to Golden a little light for players ( 6 guys and 4 girls). For a few of the games we had a 7th guy from Golden and for the rest we played with 6 guys and 4 girls. Hard to pick out highlights because there were a lot. We had great hitting from everyone. Good defense even in our bad loss… they just kept hitting the holes or over the fence. We moved everyone around quite a bit so we played some different positions than normal. Devin is recovering from appendix surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago, so he was supposed to be a spare but ended up playing most of the time. Even hit one out of the park. Rebecca (first tournament) also went up as a spare and ended up playing most all of the games and did great – thanks Rebecca (by the way easily the fastest person on our team). Joel and Aaron roved the outfield all weekend and did a great job (and were clutch hitters every game), but more importantly let me play shortstop all weekend LOL. Jeff covered third and catcher all weekend and hit well. Ali, Grace and Loretta were great… not only played great.. but went wherever in the field that we needed depending on who was available. The girls really hit well this weekend which by the way makes all the difference to the outcome of the games. Cam…got off work Friday night in Kelowna at around 11 pm, grabbed a few hours of sleep and then drove up to Golden… got there halfway through the first game and then pitched all weekend long.. excellent job of pitching and hitting for him as well.

And lest we forget, the future St. John’s team participated in the skills competition on Saturday afternoon. Isaac and Sam came away with a multitude of 1sts and 2nds in their age group for a number of categories… base running, throwing, hitting, etc. Congratulations to them . And as you might guess with a bench that had no spares, we had some issues with

score keeping, so Isaac stepped up and kept score for us. Did such a good job that the Drumheller team named him MVP in one of our games!

So yeah… we had a good time with good results.. met a lot of old friends again in good Christian fellowship.. Joel and Gary from Kelowna handled the church service extremely well. Just all good stuff…. Looking forward to next year already (except for the aches and pains this morning from 6 games). It’s been a great year both league play and the tournament… Thanks to you all.