Church News


    March 19,2020

    Dear people of St. John’s
    Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord and hope. (2 Timothy 1:1-2)
    These heartfelt words of the apostle Paul, to Timothy—his “true child in the faith”—are heartfelt words from us, to you.

    We write this encouragement of faith, as fellow children of faith, in the global concern about COVID-19 which is impacting all of us. If you would like the latest information from a health perspective, Interior Health recommends consulting The BC Centre for Disease Control ( Below you will find the latest information on what we, as people of faith, are seeking to do, as we follow what those in authority are asking us to do, and trust GOD for what is beyond the control of all of us.

    Effective this week we are discontinuing public church services until further notice. In addition to worship, this includes Bible studies, and groups like LWML and the men’s beer and theology night. We do this with respect to the government’s call for us to “stay home” as much as possible. Some of the things we are asked to do are simple, washing hands, maintaining “fingertip to finger tip distance in social interactions. We are aware this call to “stay home” is bringing about isolation and economic concerns, as it seeks to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. We are committed to doing what we can to offer the encouragement in faith through GOD’s word and each other, that we all need.

    For this Sunday, we will have one or more podcasts available through our website and facebook page. Thursday night the Lenten Bible study will be held through an online video discussion forum. We will be looking at making use of online discussion forums for things like prayer. Copies of Portals of Prayer are available by request to the Church office. For those who are unable to leave their homes and who need help with grocery or prescriptions pickup & delivery- please contact Debbie Breitkreutz (please call or email the church for contact info).  A volunteer team has been organized & they are ready to help in the coming weeks/months.

    We recognize these measures are just a beginning, and welcome your thoughts on what else may be done. The economic impact of staying at home is national, and in our own families. We are not in a position to offer financial aid as a congregation, but we are taking immediate steps to reduce St. John’s costs. This is being done with the intention that St. John’s can come through this unprecedented time and be ready to resume full services when public gatherings are once again possible.
    We believe St. John’s can come through this time stronger, and in a better position to do ministry. All of us in leadership are committed to doing what we can, for that to be the case. You can help make this possible by:
      • continuing your regular offerings, as you are able;
      • volunteering for what you can do to help;
        • receiving the services of care and faith encouragement we are offering;
        • letting us know if you see other things we could be doing.
        • continuing to pray for everyone involved

    In a time like this, staying in touch with each other is very important. We will be seeking to do so through contacts by phone, email, Facebook ( and our website ( If you know someone who is not getting our communications, and/or have suggestions or questions for us, please contact us by phone (250-549-2244, messages will be checked daily) or email Pastor Craig ( or Joel ( Regarding your offerings, for this Sunday, you can mail your cheques to 5151 Alain Rd., Vernon BC V1B 3K6. In the coming weeks we will be getting information to you on other ways to make your financial contributions.

    God our Father, and Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord and hope, bless you with grace, mercy, and peace!

    Pastor Craig Tufts and  Barry Schick, President